Smart Money Questions

Weekly investing and financial planning wisdom seeking to provide answers to your financial questions with your host, Matt Hausman.

Quiz Your Advisor

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There’s no such thing as a dumb question. So, let’s explore some of the questions you should ask a potential advisor, or even your current advisor (assuming you haven’t asked them these things before).

Reaping Rewards For Financial Sacrifice

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It can be difficult to make financial sacrifices when the reward for doing so might not be seen until several years in the future. Let’s talk about some of the situations where you might be inclined to take the immediate benefit, but you should really consider the delayed benefit.


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Matt answers listener questions about pensions, lack of advice, long-term care, and market growth.

The Un-Asked Financial Questions

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Lots of people have questions about their retirement, but most people should be asking other questions that they don’t even know to ask. Let’s break down the “un-asked questions” of the financial world


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