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Weekly investing and financial planning wisdom seeking to provide answers to your financial questions with your host, Matt Hausman.

Financially Savvy Grandparenting: Part 1

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A common question we often get, that’s not even really related to investing, is from retirees wanting to know how they can help pass their financial wisdom on to the next generation. So, let’s touch on seven tips for grandparents to consider as they help their grandchildren grow into financially savvy adults.

Story Time: In The Nick Of Time

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Occasionally, someone meets with an advisor just in the nick of time. Let’s hear about a time a client was about to make a bad financial mistake, but it was averted because of meeting with Matt.

Mailbag: Nursing Homes, Roths, and Hating Advisors

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Let's answer your questions about nursing home planning strategies, Roth conversions, and what to do if you hate every financial advisor you meet.

Retirement’s New Paradigm

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Understand a new paradigm in today's retirement landscape - Debt. Learn why it's become a pervasive problem in retirement and how you can handle the different debt issues you might have to navigate.

Mailbag: LTC, LSPs, Metals

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Answering your questions about long term care, TSP accounts, working with an advisor for the first time and whether it'd be wise to dump all your money into precious metals.


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