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Weekly investing and financial planning wisdom seeking to provide answers to your financial questions with your host, Matt Hausman.

Common 401k Questions

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A lot of Americans have 401k accounts. Let’s cover some of the common questions we get from 401k owners. You probably have some of these questions on your mind anyway. Oh, and this advice generally applies if you have a 403b or similar type of account, too.

Financial Santa Claus

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In the spirit of the holiday season, let’s pretend that Santa Claus is filling up the stockings of retirees and pre-retirees with useful financial resources. But you can only fit 6 items into the stocking. Which 6 would you choose?

Mailbag: Early Medicare, Tightwads, New Cars & Divorce At Retirement

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What happens when you retire before Medicare eligibility? What do you do if your significant other is a tightwad when he doesn't really need to be? Is it OK to buy a brand new car on credit right at retirement? What should you do if you're getting an unexpected divorce right before retirement? We'll answer all those questions and more on this week's "Mailbag" edition of Smart Money Questions.

Financially Savvy Grandparenting: Part 2

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Part 2 of our discussion of the 7 tips for grandparents to consider as they help their grandchildren grow into financially savvy adults.


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