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Weekly investing and financial planning wisdom seeking to provide answers to your financial questions with your host, Matt Hausman.

Stress And Retirement

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Psychologists have determined that retirement is the 10th most stressful event that you can experience in life. The events on the list that are considered more stressful include things like the death of a spouse, divorce, and going to jail. Let’s look at the ways to proactively deal with stress in retirement…

Why Your Excuses For Questionable Decisions Don’t Hold Water

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Very often, we hear people try to make excuses or explain away some of their questionable financial decisions. Let’s talk about why these excuses usually don’t hold water.

Storytime: Wow, You’re Old Now

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Let’s hear about a client who has lived to an advanced age, but they’re still in good shape financially, due in part to the great financial plan they have in place.

Mailbag: Age Gaps, Rental Property, Too Conservative

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We'll ring in 2018 by answering your questions about age gaps, investing too conservatively, and what to do with an old rental property. Matt also has details about some upcoming events at the brand new office in Westchester. Plus, Walter reminisces on his days as a chocolate festival emcee. You won't want to miss the first episode of the year.


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