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Weekly investing and financial planning wisdom seeking to provide answers to your financial questions with your host, Matt Hausman.

Side Thought: Should You Pay Off A Mortgage With An IRA?

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Is it possible to pay off your mortgage with the balance of your IRA? Is it wise? Matt talks about a recent situation where this idea was broached. He'll seek to take the emotion out of the conversation and approach the conversation from a logical perspective.

Helping Out With Parents

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Matt shares a personal story about having to help his parents through a difficult time. He'll also tell us about some of the scenarios his clients have faced over the years and offer you some ideas on how to best prepare for tough situations you and your parents might face.

April: National Distracted Investor Awareness Month

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They say these days that there’s a holiday of every day of the year. It’s kind of true. In fact, the month of April, for example, is home to Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, Fresh Florida Tomato Month, Fresh Celery Month, Multiple Birth Awareness Month and National Soft Pretzel Month (sorry hard pretzels, you guys have to wait until the overall National Pretzel Month in October). What does all this have to with finances? Well, April is also National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, which gave us the idea to discuss some of things that distract us financially. And since every single other thing in existence gets a holiday, we’ll make up our own to discuss on this week’s podcast. It’s National Distracted Investor Awareness Month. We’ll reveal the distractions that often peel our attention away from being good investors and savers and give you tips on how to stay on track.

Mailbag: Downsizing, Big vs. Small Companies, And Forced Budgeting

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Great questions on the podcast this week from Mark, Lynne and Carrie. Mark has questions about how to properly finance the decision to downsize to a smaller house. Lynne is wondering about working with big financial companies vs. independent advisors. And Carrie says an advisor is forcing her and her husband to live on a budget. It's a requirement for them to work together. She wants to know if that's normal and if Matt has seen other examples like this where advisors place certain "rules" on the client/advisor relationship.


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