Smart Money Questions

Weekly investing and financial planning wisdom seeking to provide answers to your financial questions with your host, Matt Hausman.

Julie’s Story - A Client’s Perspective

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The featured guest this week is Matt's current client Julie, who is in the process of planning for retirement and has been working with Matt for several years now. Julie provides some valuable insight into the planning process from a client perspective, and even offers up some great travel tips from her experience in the hospitality industry.

Mailbag: Savings, Roth or Traditional IRA, College Planning

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We've received a lot of listener questions following our interview with Harlan Accola. Jane wants to know about the preferred interest rate for a savings/money market account. Hector asks about the differences between a Roth IRA and a traditional IRA. Finally, Jim wonders about how to properly save for his kids' college plans. Matt will answer all those smart money questions and more.


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