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Paying For College In Retirement

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It is no secret that college tuition is expensive and many parents want to help out their children pay for a higher education. But is it worth risking your retirement? Today we will look at the factors that parents should consider when paying for their child's education. Especially for those parents that are near, or in retirement. We also answer a question from a listener who is looking to sell their farm for a little under a million dollars and does not know where to invest the money.


3:25- What do you do when your ready to retire and the kids need to pay for college.

5:53- How to prioritize saving for retirement and paying for college.

7:59- Matt gives a tip to save money for college. 

10:00- What to look for when picking a school.

15:30- What you need to analyze before entering retirement. 

19:48- How much long term care coverage is recommended.

26:28- Is the benefit payout an expense or an indemnity benefit? How will this affect retirement. 

Coronavirus and Protection Of Assets For Long Term Care

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The outbreak and spread of the coronavirus has caused a bit of a panic in the market in recent weeks. We'll talk about how these events should affect your investments, short-term and long-term. We'll also take a look into some important strategies for protecting your assets from the state if you were to move into a nursing home.


2:40- How the market has reacted to the coronavirus and the history behind similar events.

3:39- There is going to be increased volatility during this time in the market, Matt explains how your investments are affected.

6:40- Markets go down, but it is important to not let fear drive financial decisions. 

9:02- What needs to be done to protect assets for long term care. 

9:58- Tings to consider before finding care and protecting assets.

12:15- Not all financial assets are the same, which means they need to be protected in different ways.

16:43- Matt explains the look back period the government uses when you start moving assets to other vehicles of ownership. 





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