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What To Know About Becoming a Consultant

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Are you considering working as a consultant or independent contractor? What does that mean for your finances and what should you prepare for ahead of time? We’ll answer those questions plus talk about trusts on today’s episode


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Today's show schedule: 

0:30 - Matt shares his excitement for the hope of reopening when the time comes.

1:40 - What would it look like to come back to work as a consultant?

5:17 - Does it make sense to go from being retired to becoming a consultant?

6:31 - What expenses will you incur?

8:03 - What kind of expenses could be considered a write-off?

9:04 - How will you be paid?

10:09 - Does it make sense to set up an LLC or corporation?

11:47 - What kind of liability are you subjected to?

15:04 - Mailbag: Is it wise to have a trust as a part of a financial and estate plan?

Mark Twain, Traditional IRA vs. Roth and Other FAQs

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Where is your retirement money saved? Will it benefit you more now or later? On this episode of Smart Money Questions, Matt answers several FAQs when it comes to your retirement accounts as well as another question about inheritance plans. 


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Today's show schedule: 

0:30 - Philadelphia is moving into the next phase of reopening.

1:54 - “Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress…”

5:05 - What is a qualified retirement account?

7:18 - What is a Roth IRA or Roth 401(k)?

9:34 - What happens if the tax rate gets raised?

11:36 - What are the contribution limits?

13:12 - What is a Roth conversion?

17:29 - Mailbag: Should the anticipated sum of an inheritance be talked about or a surprise?


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