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Is It Worth Getting Out of An Annuity With High Fees?

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Are you feeling stuck in an annuity? Do you have big plans to travel in retirement? Matt answers these questions and two others on today’s podcast.  


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Today's show schedule: 

1:01 - We’ll talk about four questions today.

2:56 - If a variable annuity has high fees but a high penalty to get out, what should you do?

8:25 - With travel plans in retirement, do you need more income than in your working years?

13:38 - Should your advisor be talking about life insurance, Social Security, and legacy plans?

15:28 - What kind of planning does Matt do?

18:44 - Should you pay off the house or rental property with a money market account?

Mortgage Rates and HSAs

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Are you looking at the mortgage rates right now and considering making a home purchase or refinancing your home? If so, what do you need to know beforehand? Matt will also tackle a discussion of whether you should have a Health Savings Account.

Show Notes, Resources & Contact Info:


1:22 - Today we’re going over mortgages and HSAs.

4:17 - Mortgage rates have dropped to historic lows.

8:18 - What is a cash out refinance and rate and term refinance?

9:30 - What requirements are in your loan?

11:11 - How does a variable rate work?

12:27 - What are the closing costs?

15:55 - Are you eligible for any discounts?

17:20 - Make sure you understand what you are getting into.

20:01 - How is the bank expecting you to pay back a home equity line?

20:40 - A home equity line of credit can be very valuable when needed.

21:42 - What is a Health Savings Account?

23:31 - Qualified medical expenses can be paid out in the future, tax-free.

24:49 - How does Matt use his HSA?

26:15 - What are the drawbacks?


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