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Mortgage Expert Lindsey Johnson Discusses PMI and Future of Real Estate

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Did you know that more than 80% of all first-time homebuyers last year put less than 20% down on their homes? Mortgage expert Lindsey Johnson tells us about private mortgage insurance and what changes the mortgage and real estate industries may see.


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About our guest: 


On today's show: 

0:29 – Meet Lindsey

1:20 – Her background

2:32 – What is private mortgage insurance and how does it work?

4:47 – Is PMI part of the complicated mortgage process?

9:37 – Does PMI automatically come off at 20%?

14:18 – Should buyers be speaking to multiple lenders?

15:49 – How will COVID-19 impact real estate, mortgage and insurance industries?

21:35 – Will rates go up as fast as they came down?

23:30 – Are any changes coming in the real estate and mortgage industry?

34:03 – Should there be underwriting metrics?

34:55 – Why does the mortgage process seem so complicated?

37:02 – Demographics, rates and inventory

39:00 – Helpful websites

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A Chat With Walter Storholt of Third Wheel Media

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You may recognize his voice. Now, get to know more about Walter Storholt, our friend and former co-host who runs Third Wheel Media. How has the pandemic affected his business? What is the future of podcasting and media? And what is his dream job?


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About our guest: 


On today's show: 

0:29 – Introducing special guest Walter Storholt

2:20 – What is Third Wheel Media?

3:18 – Why working from home has worked out well

6:00 – The story of Walter’s house purchase and renovations

10:44 – How locals are embracing working from home

12:00 – What business owners think about remote work

18:56 – Does Third Wheel Media do TV?

22:16 – The future of media

24:15 – A diversity of voices

26:43 – Local versus national media

29:55 – Social interaction during a pandemic

32:52 – Businesses doing more regional work and Walter’s dream of reading an audio book


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