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Listener Questions - Reverse Mortgages and Helping a Widowed Parent

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We’re talking about two important topics today: Are reverse mortgages a bad idea? And how can I help my widowed parent with their finances?


Read more and get additional resources here:  


Learn more about reverse mortgages: 


What we discuss on this show:

2:56 – Are reverse mortgages a bad idea?

6:35 – Different types of reverse mortgages

9:08 – Can we get kicked out of our home?

13:03 – How to help a widowed parent

14:49 – Look at beneficiaries

16:01 – Do you see any life insurance?

17:46 – Look at parent’s living arrangement

18:36 – Matt talks about is father’s passing

20:04 – Are liabilities joint or just in one parent’s name?

Top Places to Retire and How They Affect You Financially

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U.S. News & World Report has released its list of the top places to retire in the country. Choosing where to retire is not only a personal decision; it’s also a financial one. We’ll explain why.


Read more and see the full list of cities here: 


What we discuss on this show: 

2:26 – How were places ranked?

3:15 – Top 15 places to retire

4:40 – Consider housing affordability

7:03 – Consider renting before buying

9:50 – Consider changing residency

12:12 – Consider doing a financial exercise

13:43 – Consider the emotional side


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