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The Fear of Spending Money in Retirement

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We read an article recently that made the argument that you need to spend more to have a better retirement. This is something we discuss with clients once they transition from working to retirement. It helps them understand that we’ve done the planning and it’s OK to spend the money. Today, we’ll explain how you can get over the fear of spending. 


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What we discuss: 

3:22 – Spend more money

5:17 – The fear

8:43 – Three areas of budgeting

11:39 – Spending years

13:21 – Investments and distribution


Q&A: Starting a Business and Dave Ramey’s Advice

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Today we’re answering questions we received from listeners and clients. Up first, a woman wants to take out a loan to start a cake business. Where should that money come from? And finally, do we agree with Dave Ramsey’s advice about not investing while in debt?


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What we discuss on this episode: 

3:12 – Starting a business

9:18 – Dave Ramsey advice


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