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Incorporating Giving Into Your Retirement Plan with Arlene Cogen

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So much of our focus during retirement planning is saving money to protect ourselves and provide for our family, but there’s such a great opportunity to improve our lives even more by giving to others. Not only does it improve the lives of others but it also creates financial benefits for your portfolio. Arlene Cogen, a philanthropic leadership consultant and author, joins us to discuss this important topic.

On this episode:

0:26 – Today we have a special guest on the show, Arlene Cogen.

1:21 – Arlene shares her background on how she got into Philanthropic Leadership

3:55 – She wrote the book ‘Give to Live’

5:19 – When people think about giving, many feel they can’t incorporate that into their retirement.

5:53 – The idea of giving while you’re living.

6:49 – There are studies that show philanthropy provides real joy to our lives.

10:16 – What are the strategies to consider if you want to give while you’re living?

12:18 – Advantages to having a charity listed as a beneficiary.  

13:54 – Some states have inheritance taxes.

14:40 – How to endow an annual gift.                                   

17:18 – Understanding charitable trusts.

21:00 – Multi-generational gifting.

26:37 – Personal reflection is a part of her book and it’s something we should be doing.

29:16 – The purpose of our money.

30:02 – Wrapping up the conversation.

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