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Election Worries & Steps to Saving for Retirement

Posted on October 2nd, 2020

There’s no doubt that election concerns are on the mind of many people right now, especially as it relates to their financial portfolio. We’ll start the show by addressing these election cycles worries by looking back at what history has shown us. From there, Matt will talk about a call he had with someone recently that wanted to get their retirement on track. He’ll take you through the essential steps that need to be taken to get your financial house in order.


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What we discuss on this show:

0:44 – Many people worried about the upcoming election cycle.

4:19 – What is going to happen with the market? Here’s what history tells us.

9:44 – The steps we suggest you take if you’re concerned.

11:59 – A conversation we had last week with someone curious about how they were doing financially.

13:12 – 3 parts to building a budget

14:58 – Understanding your debt.

17:59 – Have an emergency fund

20:31 – Financing a home that you hope to buy

22:07 – Investment options

25:38 – Real estate investing

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