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Teaching Children Lessons About Money with John Lanza

Posted on November 21st, 2019

Are you worried that your child is accumulating too many things? Do you wonder if you’re spoiling your child? John Lanza, author of The Art of Allowance, joins the show to give us an overview of his Money Mammals empowerment kit that teaches children how to share, save and spend. This is a great place to start if you want to lay a foundation for money management for your child.


Show Notes:


Today's Rundown: 

0:29 – Introducing today’s guest, John Lanza.

1:10 – Give us the background on how you got this all started.

3:31 – How young can children be to start learning these smart money basics.  

5:12 – Has the teaching process changed at all as we move further and further away from physical money?

6:57 – It’s important to children to see the transaction happen with the money in your hand so they can see that money has to go in.  

7:38 – At what age should an allowance start and does it still need to be tied to something like chores?

11:53 – At what point do you want the budgeting lesson to begin?

15:27 – How does the conversation go in regards to the sharing side of money?

17:50 – Do you talk about how giving actually makes you a happier person?

20:18 – Sharing and giving is an important lesson to learn early on.   

22:10 – What’s your relationship with credit unions?

25:21 – How to find this program Money Mammals.

26:17 – John also has a podcast.

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