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Weekly investing and financial planning wisdom seeking to provide answers to your financial questions with your host, Matt Hausman.

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Thursday Aug 18, 2022

Recently, we’ve been getting some unique questions about investing in company-sponsored plans, like a 401k, for example. The client wanted to know where else to invest once they max out the 401k. We’ll dive into this question and more on today’s show.
What we discuss in this episode: 
2:23 – Max out 401k
4:53 – Be consistent
5:44 - Match
8:04 – Vested
9:49 – Saving more
11:38 – Health insurance
14:34 – Traditional brokerage
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Thursday Aug 04, 2022

If you decide to scale back your work or keep working during retirement, what kind of employee should you be? We’ll explain the differences between W2 and 1099 workers and how that could affect your finances.
Key Topics on This Episode: 
4:50 – Scaling back workload
6:24 – W2 vs. 1099 worker
9:39 – Contributions
11:38 – Payroll taxes
13:48 – Buying real estate
16:18 – Property management
17:22 – Where to buy
18:50 – Long-term investment
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Thursday Jul 28, 2022

Today we’re sharing questions and scenarios we’re hearing in our office, on the phone and on zoom calls with clients. We’ll also share some planning we did for a client four or five years ago and where they are today in retirement.
Key topics on this show:
4:43 – Aggressive 401ks
7:59 – Other options
11:00 – Know where your money is
13:51 – Risk
15:29 – Rate of return
16:27 – COLA
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Thursday Jul 14, 2022

It’s hard to believe, we’re already halfway through 2022. Before you know it, it’s going to be Thanksgiving and then the end of the year. Now is a good time to be considering your finances and planning for your taxes.
Key topics on this episode: 
2:42 – Roth conversions
6:13 – Personal changes
8:19 – Review investments
10:11 – Tax diversified
11:09 – Review debt
12:59 – Budget
14:02 – Emergency funds
14:32 – Legal documents
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Thursday Jun 16, 2022

The markets have been heading down, but this is one of the most critical times for investors to stay disciplined. Markets will go up and they will drop, and we’ll explain why you have to be prepared to stay the course and find opportunities.
Read more and get additional financial resources here: 
What we discuss in this episode:
3:35 -  Don’t panic
4:14 – Tax-loss harvesting
5:51 – Tax buckets
8:46 – Roth
12:00 – Your investment mix

Thursday Jun 02, 2022

Is your 401k invested using target-date funds? If so, you could be getting hit harder during these tough economic times. We’ll explain why. We’re also talking cars in this episode and our thoughts on leasing versus buying a new or used car.
Read more and get additional financial resources here: 
What we discuss in this episode: 
3:20 – Wall Street Journal
9:38 – Investment options
12:14 – Leasing vs. buying cars
13:32 – Coming to the end of a lease
16:32 – Buying a car

Thursday May 19, 2022

A recent study found that the average American needs to save $1.04 million for a comfortable retirement. That’s one of the many fascinating statistics shared in the study. Join us as we share more of the findings and talk about how most retirees stack up.
See the statistics: 
Read more and get additional resources here: 
Listen for these key topics: 
2:37 – Savings expectations
7:15 – Delaying retirement
9:41 – Increasing savings
10:16 – Social Security
14:07 – Health care
15:26 – Where will you live?

Thursday May 05, 2022

Should you take out a 401k loan to pay off your debt? And does it matter what the kind of debt is? Today we’re going to tackle this common question and more to help you figure out your finances. 
Read more and get additional financial resources here: 
Listen for these key points: 
2:20 – 401k loans
5:16 – Exhaust other options
10:05 – Selling property

Thursday Apr 21, 2022

If you’re getting close to retirement, you may be envisioning what that next chapter will look like. A question that always comes up is how much money will you need to make? Some people feel like they should be bringing in more money during retirement, but is that smart? Let’s dive into that discussion on today's episode.
What we discuss on this episode:
2:27 – Bucket list years
5:40 – Where’s the money?
6:57 – After bucket list years
8:39 – Go through the process
9:15 – Medicare
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Thursday Apr 07, 2022

Today we’re answering a few of your questions about financial planning. Should a dentist sell his building and his business? What should you do with life insurance money? We’ll discuss these topics on the show.   
Read more and get additional financial resources here: 
What we discuss in this episode: 
3:24 – Renting building
6:29 – Investing cash
9:43 – Life insurance
12:53 – Moving forward

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